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  • Say Thanks To the Old Man The Footballing Way The World Cup Kick Off and Father's Day convenien tly fall on the same weekend this year, so why not get the old boy something of the football persuas ion. We present to you the Top 10 Footballing Father's Day Gifts.  1. Subbuteo Salt and Pepper Grinder£23.40 Subbuteo, or Finger FIFA for the Internet Generation, has made something of [...]
  • You are looking at the sound of the summer.This is the Caxirola, the official musical instrument of the FIFA World Cup 2014. Apart from the fact that it isn't. Well, it was until Brazilian footbal l fans started lobbing these little plastic rattles at players during the test run game resulting in them being banned from all stadiums during the event.Still, this little beauty will undoubtedly[...]
  • The People have spoken.The name for the official World Cup 2014 match ball was put to a vote i n Brazil and football fans unanimously agreed on the Brazuca. (Apparently Gisele wasn't one of the o ptions).It has a seamless surface that Adidas recon helps achieve 'stunning flight and touch'. But does it swerve like the Fresh Prince on a dance floor? Only one way to find out...
  • Okay, so the Red Bulls are supping deep from the cup of Sucktitude so far this season but remember t hat this is the shirt that Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill and (cough) Bradley Wright-Phillips will probab ly retire in.Not only that but this jersey symbolises the fact that football has officially arrived (again) in one of the coolest cities in the world.At £60 it isn't the cheapest jersey on the[...]